Product Overview

Welcome to the next generation of communication capability from 3M™ PELTOR™

3M™ PELTOR™ Tactical Modular Audio System (TMAS) is 3M’s newest generation of
tactical communication and hearing protection, developed to help operators effectively
communicate in dynamic noise environments. Introducing the most advanced PELTOR
Push- To-Talk (PTT), the SCU-300 offers wireless connectivity from body-to-headset and
state of the art, plug and play, multi-comm capability.
The new system brings forward our next generation ComTac VII and TEP-300 with
new looks, improved systems integration, and enhanced auditory situational awareness to
help give operators a tactical edge.
TMAS features clear, reliable wireless communication that removes the cable(s)
between the headset and Push-To-Talk (PTT), helping to increase overall mobility.
Additionally, the system comes equipped with a new remote PTT, that can be mounted on
the weapons rail – giving operators the capability to transmit and adjust volume without
having to remove their hand from the weapon. The system offers flexibility and scalability
to address the needs of the modern operator, with the ability to manage legacy and future
radio systems.