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Since 1992, AVS has designed and delivered amplified loudspeaker systems, handsets, microphone’s, in line switches and audio cable assemblies for major military communications platforms.  AVS is the choice for American and International programs such as SINCGARS, IRIS, BOWMAN and most recently the JTLV program.

Equipped with an in house testing lab, we stress our products to meet the rigorous requirements of Mil 810 environmental testing. Our testing process ensures that AVS delivers a highly reliable “voice connection” interface to tactical radios and intercoms.

Although a picture is worth a thousand words, a website does not tell the whole story. I invite you to reach out and make a connection with AVS to discuss your particular audio ancillary requirements.

With pride in all we do, Accusonic Voice Systems is a service disabled veteran owned small business.

A sincere loud and clear thank you from Tony Mazzeo, AVS Founder and former combat soldier.

AVS products are all certified compliant with MIL standards


AVS designs, tests and manufactures electro acoustical products primarily loudspeakers, loudspeaker drivers, dynamic microphones, handsets, audio amplifiers, and specialty cable assemblies for use with military radios and intercom systems. In support of our product design and manufacturing expertise we offer in house environmental testing that stress products beyond those environmental conditions normally encountered in the field. When required by contract AVS is capable of managing tests in accordance with the customer’s specification and the latest Mil-810 standard.


Simply stated, “A legacy product is one that is no longer under active development but has yet to be fully retired.” In reality military legacy products may live for years if not decades. In an age of fast changing technology and budget constraints, the military through the DLA, manages thousands of “legacy” products. Until “new” products are approved and fielded, in many applications access to military “legacy products” are mandatory to maintain countless military platforms. AVS maintains the ability to manufacture many ‘legacy” products in support of DLA stocking requirements.





I want to thank you for taking the time to visit our website. Whether you are looking for off the shelf solutions for amplified loudspeaker systems and/or associated voice ancillaries, Accusonic Voice Systems’ (AVS) diverse team of audio and electronic engineers and technicians is ready to meet your specific needs and requirements. AVS is entering its 25th year in business in 2017 and we are appreciative and proud of the many partnerships and customers we have supported over the years.

AVS continues to evolve and grow our business to meet the specialized needs of the more complex radio and communications systems, recognizing that solutions of the future will rely not only on voice, but on the interplay between voice, data and even optical exchange. Our hard assets include a full range of tools and lab equipment needed to design, manufacture and test our specialized line of military acoustical products. Our electro-mechanical assemblers are trained to IPC soldering and assembly standards. Such testing and evaluation services are an asset that we can also provide our partners on a case by case basis, solidifying AVS’s overall importance as a partner and solutions provider, not just a manufacturer of hardware.

As a privately owned Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business, AVS never forgets the ultimate end users for our products and solutions – the men and women in uniform who serve our nation every day. We are proud to support those serving our nation here and around the world.

I invite you to review our website and get to know us better. If you are in need of a product or service that is not depicted here, please email me at tony@accusonicvoicesystems.com, I may be able to help you find your solution.

Sincerely, Tony Mazzeo

Owner Accusonic Voice Systems

Anthony Mazzeo is the founder and CEO of Global Market Development dba Accusonic Voice Systems, a position he has held since 1990. Over his career, he has managed sales and delivery of audio ancillaries valued in excess of $250,000,000 through the negotiation of DLA and prime OEM contracts. Tony is proud to have served as a combat soldier with the Riverine Forces of the Ninth Infantry Division (Vietnam 1968-69). He was honorable discharged in 1969. He has a distinguished professional career with more than 40 years of sales and management experience. Under his leadership, the AVS team has been awarded a number of design patents for audio ancillaries for military comm gear.

To learn more about AVS and our specialized voice solutions, contact us today.

ISO 9001 Certified Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business