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The latest technology applied to tactical networks can provide soldiers with an extraordinary ability to maintain virtually constant communication while on the battlefield. From asymmetric warfare to maintaining a global presence, the strain on a warfighter’s communication network can be enormous. Network outages can cause frustration and stress–in the worst of circumstances. AVS understands the communication needs of the Military, and we continually respond to the Warfighter’s need for field‐reliable audio ancillaries.

Whether your application is land, air or marine-based, AVS has developed ruggedized and battlefield tested products for diverse military applications.

We design audio equipment to account for the evolving complexity of today’s multi‐channel, multi‐talk group digital radios and demanding environmental conditions.

Our designs consider and integrate the demanding requirements of fast‐moving, complex field operations. Products meets MIL‐STD‐810 environmental tests and the stringent quality demands placed on a certified manufacturer of qualified product listed (QPL’d) products.

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The need to hear and be heard clearly are requirements of many markets, not just the military. The need for voice ancillaries to perform in robust environments are found in commercial, industrial and transportation markets to name a few.  Most AVS products may be adapted to perform in your market. Please contact us to address your particular application.

AVS understands the vital role a reliable communications infrastructure must play in orchestrating the transportation of everything from volatile materials to a trainload of commuters. It must simultaneously increase the reliability of operations, improve safety of the workforce as well as the general public, and manage costs wisely. When a workforce is tasked with handling mission critical work in remote or extreme environments, communication systems are crucial in ensuring the job is done properly and efficiently. The ability for employees to communicate seamlessly in any environment or when separated by large distances can determine the difference between a logistical nightmare, and a smooth operation.

AVS products are built to handle a wide range of potentially hazardous and disruptive environments. They go beyond just providing exceptional audio quality and an ability to eliminate background sound in a noisy environment. We put our solutions through their paces by subjecting them to an agile engineering and testing process that ensures their reliability in every instance.

Whatever your organization might require in a communications system ‐ increased efficiency, enhanced operational security, or improved network manageability ‐ AVS can provide it for your workforce. Contact us today to start the conversation about the communication solution you’ve been waiting for.

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Our voice products can be found around the world, and we are proud to have provided custom designed communication solutions to the following countries:

AVS products are all certified compliant with MIL standards

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